Experian Credit Freeze

experian credit freeze

Experian is a global information services company that provides data as well as analytical tools to its clients. This company enables people to prevent fraud, reduce and mitigate credit risk, automate decision making processes as well as target various market offers. Experian is one of the few credit bureaus that also enables people to check their credit report and score as well as protect themselves against identity theft.

Most people nowadays are quite familiar with identity theft and the growing dangers of having one’s information stolen. If you have your identity stolen, then the thief will have access to all your personal information and be able to make financial transactions in your name and put you in the world of debt and trouble! However, this is where the Experian credit freeze comes into play as it can help you to put a stop to your identity thief and help you regain your identity.

experian security freezeThe first thing you need to know is exactly what a credit freeze is. This is basically a lock on your credit information which prevents any other parties from accessing your credit information in order to issue credit. Whenever you try to get a loan or make credit based purchases, the company usually requests your credit information. They then use this information to determine whether you are eligible for the loan or the purchase or not. However, the credit freeze prevents any company from obtaining your credit information, and as a result, any requested loans will be denied. As you can see, this is great if you have your identity stolen as the thief will not have the power to put you into debt.

Credit freezes have become quite popular in today’s information and internet age where it is too easy to have your identity stolen. If you think your identity has been stolen or see unauthorized charges to your credit card, then you should request a credit freeze. All you have to do is send a certified letter to the main credit bureaus such as Experian requesting the freeze. You will have to provide your personal information such as your name, address, past addresses, utility bills, drivers license copy, national identification id copy, telephone number, social security number etc. You will also have to include a check with the amount needed for the security freeze. The cost for a security freeze varies from state to state as well as by company. Therefore, you will need to check the websites for the various credit bureaus to find the cost associated with the security freeze. Not to worry as these are usually $10 or less.

Once you have requested a freeze, then each of the credit bureaus will send a letter confirming your security credit freeze. The letter will contain all the information and instructions you need as well as information on how to remove the security freeze. This will usually include a password and pin that you have to provide when unfreezing your credit. There is also a cost associated with unfreezing your account, so you should keep this in mind.

In closing, it might seem to be a hassle to get a credit freeze, but if you have your identity stolen, it is priceless. Remember to be careful with your personal information and take all precautions when online and using your credit cards. Lastly, it may be a good idea to place Experian fraud alert on your credit report as well to be protected.

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