Experian Dispute

experian dispute

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act it is the right of any American citizen to dispute any inaccurate or incomplete detail on their credit report and have these errors corrected. This article will discuss exactly how to file an Experian dispute.

Once you receive your credit report from Experian go through it carefully checking for any errors that may be present. Once you determine that indeed you do have errors the next thing to do is contact Experian directly. You should do this because you only file disputes with the credit reporting agency that generated the credit report containing errors.

The next thing to do is locate the various supporting documents for your claims. All disputes have to be filed with accompanying supporting documentation. This is because Experian simply will not even look at your claim in case you do not include these supporting documents. You will then circle the errors within your report to highlight them.

experian disputeThe next thing to do is to write a dispute letter to Experian. In case you find that you are clueless about writing one do not worry, just go to the FTC site and you will get a sample of one. When you write the letter you must always ensure to retain a copy of the same for personal reference. Wih the letter make sure you attach the report with the errors highlighted and supporting documents included. Send this letter using certified mail only.

Now, all you have to do is just wait for Experian to investigate and determine if there were any errors as well as resolving of these errors. By law Experian is supposed to investigate the dispute within 30 days of you filing the dispute. Experian will contact the concerned institution that is the source of the inaccurate information. The institution will conduct its own internal investigation and get back to Experian. If there is indeed a mistake the institution will send the new correct information to Experian for the generation of a new report.

Experian is supposed to contact you within 30 days with a report of what they determined after investigations. In case your case had merit Experian will generate a new, corrected credit report for you. In case after 30 days you still haven’t received a response from Experian be sure to contact them for updates as well as follow ups.

In case your dispute was not successful there are several reasons for this. Either the item or items that you were disputing indeed did not have any errors or you personally have evidence that there is an error even though Experian claim that there is not. If in fact there are no errors no changes will be made since correct items can never be removed from the report.

In case you have evidence of your claims but Experian claims that there is no valid claim all you have to do is initiate what is called a “direct dispute”. This is where you will file your dispute directly with the concerned institution. Here you include all information pertaining to the dispute, supporting documents as well as a copy of your credit report. Send this to the company also using certified mail. The company will investigate and hopefully correct the erroneous information. In case the information is corrected the institution will send the corrected information to Experian who will in turn create a new credit report.

experian credit dispute